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Frequently Asked Questions - Trading

After the initial charge to be a trader or seller, there are no additional costs.

AvailaTrade does not take a commission off any trader's sales.

SEE Subscriptions for details of the costs.

As a trader or private seller, the number of items would depend on the type of package the trader or seller has, SEE: the Subscriptions page for details.
AvailaTrade does not take a commission off any sale.

In order to trade, you must first create an account and purchase a subscription. Once you have done this, you can list your products or services, adding pictures and text, and posting customer testimonials. When someone finds your profile or product, they can contact you through AvailaTrade's messaging service.

Private sellers and traders can modify pictures and text from the 'ADS' tab in "My account".

Adding keywords to your descriptions is a simple way to improve your discoverability. Another method is to encourage clients to create testimonials by adding a new comments and ratings to the products or services thay have purchased or used. For information on how to make your listings easier to find, see How do I become a featured trader on the homepage?

Keywords are specific terms that a shopper might search for. For example, some keywords for a plumber may be Combination Boilers, Central Heating, and Radiators.

Private sellers and traders can upload pictures from the 'Gallery Upload' button when creating or editing a listing, text is edited in the Description: box WYSIWYG when creating or editing a listing.

AvailaTrade is an equal opportunity website that advertises based on reputation, not the price you pay to top the listings.

To get featured on AvailaTrade's homepage, a trader must ensure they have a positive reputation. This is earned through high trader ratings and positive testimonials.

Once a shopper has requested your details, their contact details will be sent to you. You can contact them using these details.

Pleae note, however, that shoppers can chose to withhold their contact information.

Yes. Every time a trader's details are requested, the trader will receive a message detailing this request. The information provided by AvailaTrade users can be used to market directly to those who have shown interest.

A trader will only be charged for the following year once their details have been requested 50 time. If you stop receiving interest, you will stop being charged.

If you believe you have been incorrectly charged, please Report a Problem.