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Frequently Asked Questions - Networking

Trader networking is the practice of maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with other customer, suppliers and associates.

Take a public house, for example. A pub will maintain a positive relationship with their customers to make them feel ‘at home' and keep them coming back. Similarly, this pub may also offer their suppliers rewards in order to get the freshest produce first.

"The best prospect is the client who has already dealt with you. The second best is the one referred to by a client who has dealt with you previously. The third best is the one referred to you by another trusted professional or friend." -- Marilyn Jennings, Author and Speaker

With AvailaTrade, you get all three prospects.

Keeping in contact with those you deal with is an essential method of increasing your revenue and keeping your costs down - It is cheaper to keep an old customer than gain a new one.

The best trader networks exchange information, ideas, opportunities and support. In the end, two heads are better than one.

The first step is to sign up and chose a subscriptions then start selling items.

As a trader's details are requested, the trader will be issued a message detailing who has requested their details. The information provided by AvailaTrade can be used to market directly to those who have shown interest.

Once a trader has sold an item, this trade will be recorded and saved in the trader's dashboard. These records can be used to keep track of past customers and clients who may wish to trade again. Again, this information can be used for direct marketing.

After a trade has been completed, the trader can receive feedback with ratings, testimonials and referrals. These can be used to advertise the trader to others with evidence of their quality.

In the end, if you treat your customers well, they will treat you well.